Korcula, Croatia

Korcula Croatia
Korcula Tower at night

We stopped in Korcula Croatia during our cruise on the Kraljica Jelena from Sail Croatia. We loved this island, probably one of the most favorite ones we visited. While its a touristy town, it seems to cater very well to the tourists that visit, and doesn’t resent them like many of the other places we’ve visited. Everyone here made us feel welcome and we really enjoyed this small town and the entire island.

We did a kayaking tour while we were here. It was a fun experience and relatively easy, since we didn’t really get wet (the water was a bit chilly) and we were helped into and out of the kayaks by the people who ran the kayaking company.

Oana sunbathing in Korcula

Our kayaking trip stopped at a small island, (Croatia has a bunch of them). We walked around a quarry that has been there since the Romans were in Korcula (around 2,000 years ago) and also took an opportunity to catch some sun. Although it was May, the highs were only in the 60s, and most days it was either cloudy or rainy. May is hit or miss, and late May is better than early May apparently. June is probably the best month to come to Croatia, because July and August are crazy crowded. We usually don’t travel much in the summer anyway, since I’m flying from San Francisco to either Hawaii or New York, and a lot of the reason is because of the intense number of vacationers.

Hot tub on Kraljica Jelena
Oana in the hot tub on our yacht

A fitting end of the day was us sitting in the hot tub on board Kraljica Jelena and relaxing before we went out into town for dinner. It was nice because we had the entire upper deck of the shop to ourselves, as there were only 16 passengers (8 crew) and most of them were out at a local winery having dinner together.

We highly recommend visiting Korcula.