Hvar Croatia

Hvar Croatia

We stopped at Hvar Croatia and had a great time. Hvar is one of the oldest towns in Croatia, if not the oldest. Its a natural harbor, but very small. You can see the boats have to dock side by side in order to fit. They say that there can be as many as 12 boats tide together. For us, our boat is in the furthest row and the 5th ship, so we had to cross 4 other ships to get to ours. Fortunately the ships are easy to cross, and the passageways are pretty much all lined up.

Kraljica Jelena
Kraljica Jelena anchored in Hvar Croatia

Getting into town wasn’t easy, since we weren’t docked initially. Because of the limited number of spots available to dock, we had to take a water taxi into town. This is a pictures Oana took of our boat as we were heading into Hvar.

The town is cute with restaurants and bars. Apparently this place is packed in the summer with tourists. We decided to walk up to the fortress, which sits above the town, and the entire group from our ship went up there, including the 80 something year old people in our group. The fortress isn’t much to see, but its fun to have a great view of the town. Even Oana decided to climb up on the wall of the fortress for a few photographs.

Kraljica Jelena Passengers in Hvar
Kraljica Jelena passengers in Hvar Croatia

The hike to the top of the fortress was only about 150 steps, but at least 80% of the rest of the hike was a path with a slight grade, so its a healthy walk. The exercise tracker on my Apple Watch was very happy by the time we got to the top, as I had completed my exercise goals for the day, plus step goals by the time we got up there. It only took about 20 minutes to get up and about 15 to get down from the top. One cool thing they had in the fortress was the prison cells. They were in one of the towers, only accessible from the top.

Tvrdava Fortress prison Hvar Croatia
Todd in the prison area

We ended the day at Nautika night club at about 11 pm (23:00 is what they call it in Croatia). They gave us all a free round of cherry liquer, which is a local favorite. We really enjoyed the place, and even though we were only there for a short day, really liked the town.

Todd and Oana in Hvar Croatia